Master Your Self-Employed Life with Jeffrey Shaw

October 1, 2021

When you first started your venture, was it because you wanted to be in control of your own destiny? Today’s guest, Jeffrey Shaw, has a follow-up question for you: how has that worked out? He is one of the preeminent portrait photographers in the United States, an author, TEDx speaker, podcast founder, and more! You […]

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I'm a bestselling author, three-time entrepreneur and international keynote speaker. Off-duty, I'm staring at my Bradley Cooper lookalike husband, mountain biking or enjoying a skinny margie at the beach. 


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When you first started your venture, was it because you wanted to be in control of your own destiny?

Today’s guest, Jeffrey Shaw, has a follow-up question for you: how has that worked out? He is one of the preeminent portrait photographers in the United States, an author, TEDx speaker, podcast founder, and more! You may have seen him on Oprah or CBS News, or read about him in People or O Magazine. Tune in to hear more. 


In this episode you’ll:

  • Learn why the opening line of Jeffrey’s book is so powerful.
  • Find out what you can control: the environment you create for the results you want.
  • Come to understand why finding a balance between striving and letting go is the biggest challenge for entrepreneurs.
  • Hear the story of how Jeffrey initially tried to build his photography business in his hometown.
  • Be introduced to the concept of brain priming, which explains why people only recognize what they already know. 
  • Learn Jeffrey’s three pillars of success: personal development, business strategies, and daily habits.
  • Find out why almost every entrepreneur is working with a broken ecosystem.
  • Hear why Jeffrey is starting the Self-Employed Business Institute to help create centralization.
  • Come to know why you shouldn’t spend all your energy on business strategy and none on personal growth.
  • Learn why your level of success rarely exceeds your level of personal development.
  • Challenge your perspective on self-help, self-care, and personal growth. 
  • Hear what Jeffrey means when he recommends that you strive to be bored in your business.
  • Get acquainted with Jeffrey’s criteria for an ideal client: the ones who enable him to do his best work.
  • Re-consider Simon Sinek’s philosophy ‘start with why’ and replace it with ‘end with why’.
  • Develop a new goal, to get into your client’s head in order to tap into their emotions.
  • Consider the ultimate goal of creating customers so loyal that they keep returning to you.
  • Learn what it means to have ‘lurkers’ and how to take responsibility to make them curious, get them to engage with you, and eventually make them a return customer.
  • Hear why Jeffrey calls it an ‘enrolling plan,’ rather than a ‘marketing plan’.
  • Be introduced to the What’s Going Right Journal and the story of how it came to be.
  • Get familiar with the questions you need to ask yourself to change what isn’t working.
  • Get some ideas on how to protect your capacity to serve if you’re in a giving profession.
  • Find out why Jeffrey is so big on environment and asking what you can do each day to refuel.
  • Hear our thoughts on what people mean when they say they’ve made their first million.


Refer to website: https://erinking.com/2021/01/26/make-your-idea-irresistible-with-tamsen-webster/



“We can’t control the circumstances of the world. But here’s what you can control: The only thing you can control is the environment you create for the results you want.” — @jeffreyshaw1 [0:04:55]

“There is a certain amount of letting go and believing in yourself, believing that if you’ve put everything in the right place, believing that you probably have given yourself a 99% chance of success.” — @jeffreyshaw1 [0:05:42]

“Until it’s fixed, almost everyone, almost every entrepreneur is walking around with a broken ecosystem and it’s not your fault, right? Because no one has taught you otherwise.” — @jeffreyshaw1 [0:13:23]

“The problem is that most people are putting all their effort towards the action steps, the business strategy, at the sacrifice of personal development and the daily habits.” — @jeffreyshaw1 [0:15:30]

“Anytime I’ve ever wanted to grow my business, I grew myself first. That is the secret to success.” — @jeffreyshaw1 [0:18:44]

“The ultimate goal should be, as business owners, that we want customers that are so loyal, that come back to us over and over again.” — @jeffreyshaw1 [0:31:35]


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