Find Your Resilience, with Amberly Lago

November 14, 2021

When we’re faced with difficult times or tragedy, it can be hard not to lose hope and succumb to feelings of powerlessness. But our guest is here today to shine some truly inspiring light on the pathway out of this darkness. In this episode, we are speaking to the author of True Grace and Grit, […]

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When we’re faced with difficult times or tragedy, it can be hard not to lose hope and succumb to feelings of powerlessness. But our guest is here today to shine some truly inspiring light on the pathway out of this darkness. In this episode, we are speaking to the author of True Grace and Grit, Amberly Lago, and I am absolutely thrilled to have her on the show. After a horrific car accident (that left her with a 1% chance of walking again), Amberly guides us through her hard-won relationship with resilience, and her journey back to becoming a fitness coach and motivational icon, as well as learning to live her best life despite chronic nerve disease.  Vulnerable, honest, and uplifting, today’s conversation brings fresh perspective on the ripple effects of gratitude, the crucial role of serving others as a powerful part of our own healing process, and empowering yourself by writing a new chapter when your old one is taken away. We also cover what it really means to be resilient, how we can embody the practice of resilience, and taking on your challenges a few seconds at a time – because that’s all it takes for your life to change. If you are going through tough times, or just need some guidance on how to navigate the turbulence of the world with resilience and gratitude, then I hope you join us today!


In this episode you’ll:

  • Amberly Lago shares her powerful backstory of tragedy, resilience, and triumph.
  • Keeping grateful is crucial for a healthy mindset, Amberly shares her tips to activate this.
  • Quieting voices of doubt, and the benefits of being raised as a go-getter. 
  • Finding strength in allowing herself to feel the pain and challenge of her situation.
  • It’s not easy but it’s possible, and that’s what she wants people to know.
  • What is resilience? Relating it to our struggles from the pandemic.
  • Amberly describes her ‘party room’ at the hospital, and giving back to the nurses. 
  • The importance of being of service to others as a powerful tool of self-healing.
  • How times of struggle and pain are actually a gift to begin anew and write a completely new chapter, rather than holding onto past ways of being. 
  • Amberly shares a story of her daughter’s incredible gratitude after an awful incident. 
  • We talk about under-prioritized rest – your impact can only be as strong as your health is. 
  • Learning to walk again by breaking down big goals into a few seconds at a time. 
  • Amberly recommends her top books, and trust me, you want to get in on these!
  • We finish off with a number to text to get a copy of Amberly’s playbook on resilience.



“When I woke up, the first thing I learned was [we’re] going to have to amputate your leg, you’ve got a 1% chance of saving it. So I heard you have a 1% chance and that’s what I chose to focus on. I think that we can all use a little bit of hope.” — @AmberlyLago [0:04:52]

“Learning how to be resilient isn’t something that you just learn and then you’re resilient. It’s kind of like going to the gym and wanting to get stronger at something, that you really have to be willing to work on every single day.” — @AmberlyLago [0:06:01]

“It’s okay to cry, it’s okay to have a pity party. We just can’t stay there.” — @AmberlyLago [0:11:00]

“If you’re struggling with this pandemic… instead of going back, have the courage to move forward and choose a life filled with joy and laughter. Imagine things better than they ever were before.” — @AmberlyLago [0:12:41]

“The more that we practice resilience and gratitude and we’re of service, it has a ripple effect around the people that we love.” — @AmberlyLago [0:22:42]


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Erin King

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