Boss It Up with Kimberly Olson

March 28, 2022

Do you know what your personal brand looks like to the rest of the world? Are you clear on exactly who you’re looking to attract as a customer, client, or team member? Do you feel like you “own” the digital real estate you need to grow your business using social media?  If not, good news- […]

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Do you know what your personal brand looks like to the rest of the world? Are you clear on exactly who you’re looking to attract as a customer, client, or team member? Do you feel like you “own” the digital real estate you need to grow your business using social media? 

If not, good news- today’s guest is Kimberly Olson, AKA The “Goal” Digger Girl. She teaches people how to follow their dreams, crush their goals, and create the life they’ve always wanted. Kimberly is not only an unapologetic self-made millionaire, but she is also the creator of Goal Digger Girl, where she serves female entrepreneurs by teaching them simple systems and online strategies in sales and marketing through the power of social media.

She helps gals and guys explode their online presence and get real results in their business. She has not one, but two PhDs in natural health and holistic nutrition- gal has been to SCHOOL. She’s achieved a leadership position in her current network marketing company and is the author of THREE bestselling books: The Goal Digger, Why Balance is BS, and Boss It Up, Babe.

She also has a top-rated podcast and travels nationally speaking with people like Rachel Hollis, Ray Higdon, Rob Sperry, Frazier Brooks, and the legendary John Maxwell. 

On this episode of the Highlights podcast, Kimberly Olson helps us walk away feeling equipped and empowered to live and create the life of our dreams. Are you ready? I am!


In this episode you’ll learn how to: 

  • Smash the fear that keeps you playing small and give yourself permission to dream big
  • Start right where you are today on your path towards success 
  • Envision your life one year from now- and set five specific goals to get you there
  • Harness the power of pen and paper in a strategic way 
  • Tune into and trust your intuition on a deeper level 
  • Sell by genuinely serving your audience
  • Leverage your success scars for better decision-making
  • Master the power of “resonating, not isolating”
  • Evoke emotion in people for positive change
  • Uncover your actual superpower (hint: it’s probably the thing you were teased for growing up!!)
  • Crush the goals you set for yourself in more bite-sized chunks 
  • Unapologetically go after your dreams once and for all


When it comes to personal branding, you don’t have to be an expert. You don’t have to wait until you’ve gotten a certification in it. That’s great. And that helps you. But all you have to do is be one step ahead of your audience. @goal_diggergirl on Twitter [0:15:54]

Are you evoking emotion in people for positive change? Are you inspiring? You can’t go wrong with that. @goal_diggergirl  on Twitter [0:19:34]

The thing that was different that people didn’t like about us [growing up] may be the thing that actually is your superpower that everyone around you now loves. If you could just know what it is, make peace with it, hug it, & then amplify it—that’s how you stand out.  @mrs_erin_king  on Twitter [0:22:06]


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