"Erin Gargan proves that social selling is smart sales.
Read this book before your biggest competitor does!"

-Jeffrey Hayzlett, Author of bestseller "Think Big, Act Bigger", Primetime TV & Podcast Host, Chairman C-Suite Network

Today’s buyer is mobile, social and digital first. This means that they control the buying journey much more than today’s vendors control the selling process. Evolving your sales approach is a necessity if you want survive and thrive in the 21st century marketplace.

You'll learn SPECIFICALLY:

  • How to present yourself online in a way that projects credibility and attracts buyers
  • How to uncover new digital leads and grow a trusted network of buying relationships
  • How to use an optimized messaging formula for successful digital outreach
  • How to translate online effort into qualified offline appointments
  • How to define and measure social selling success




Arriving at bookstores nationwide
May 17th, 2017!

I'll let you know the day it hits shelves.