According to a recent Harvard study, we are 34 times more persuasive when we make a request face to face versus asking for something behind email, social or other digital platforms. At the same time, we now spend more time behind screens than in-person. Knowing that the way we do business has changed more in the last ten years than the last one hundred, what is the modern sales pro supposed to do?

If you are someone who spends your precious time reaching out online trying to persuade someone you don’t really know to give you a chance- Digital Persuasion is for you.

digital persuasion cover

You'll learn how to: 

    • Use social media to send messages that earn meetings
    • Pass the 2.5 second “reply or ignore” test
    • Apply psychology to trigger emotion in your recipients
    • Translate your offline persona to be more influential online
    • Attract attention from the first word you type

Welcome the art of Digital Persuasion.  Erin's social selling formula has been implemented by some of the world’s biggest brands to open more opportunities, ignite profitable relationships, and inspire action from behind the screen- and now- so can you!

Are you ready to send messages that earn meetings?

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