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Usually, I have the (high class champagne) problem of being on the road so much I don't have extra bandwidth for consulting. Yet in these times, I find myself home SO much that I recently got a DOG. (A cavapoo named Betty White. I know!) What does Betty White have to do with you and your business? I'm taking on a max of 3 clients per quarter to help untangle any the business necklaces keeping you up at night. Good night's sleep = strong immune systems...so let's overcome your challenge together. 

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"Erin's session had the highest engagement of any speaker at our global summit."

Plexus needed help standing out in the crowded social media landscape, and using Erin's PUB method, that's exactly what they learned how to do. Anchoring their online event with over 18,000 attendees alongside Mel Robbins, Suze Orman and John Maxwell, Erin rocked her talk with custom stories and examples that lit up social media. 


STEEN-sr. content developer, plexus worldwide

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"I grew my tribe to over 1,000 dynamos using Erin's PUB method. It's insane how well it works."

The direct selling landscape has never been more competitive, but Ashley's team managed to digitally differentiate themselves using Erin's guidance and coaching. 


jackson- envp, arbonne international

"Erin King is my secret virtual weapon. She nails it every. freaking. time."

From leadership retreats to VIP sessions to global summits, Erin has helped Zurvita completely re-imagine what the intersection between creativity and compliance can look like, boosting sales and morale in the process. 


vega-SVP Sales/marketing, zurvita inc

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"Erin's guide ACTUALLY changed the way our entire sales force uses social media.
Our results were mind-boggling."
- Kate Franklin
Dir.of Field Development/Training
Traveling Vineyard

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"Margi's guide was kick-ass indeed and quite literally changed how I show up on social." - Jen Olmstead

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