Q: I want a signed copy of Erin’s book. How do I get one?

A: Venmo $15 to Erin Gargan with your mailing address in the notes and you will receive one within a week or so!

Q: Can I order Erin’s book on Amazon?

A: Right here: LINK

Q: I’m self-employed and want to become more digitally persuasive in my communications… can I hire Erin?

A: Possibly! Let’s get in touch to see if we are a fit to team up. SUBMIT MEETING REQUEST here.

Q: I work at a large company and we need help with improving our social and digital selling efforts. How do I work with Erin?

A: Erin offers a variety of services including keynotes, half day workshops as well as ongoing consulting. Check out options here and send us a message here.

Q: Does Erin have a blog or email newsletter?

A: Sure do! Receive it directly to your email each week by joining here.

Q. I want to hire Erin for an upcoming event. What should I do?

A. Your first step is seeing if she is available for your date. Go here.