Digital Persuasion: Ignite Your Influence

You're Kind of a Big Deal: Unlock Your Audacity 

We are 34 times more persuasive face to face than we are behind screens. And yet, in today's pandemic world, that in-person power is able to be utilized less and less. Your leadership, sales and marketing teams need to close the gap between "online them" and "offline them" in order to communicate as compellingly as possible in today's remote workplace. 

What gets us stuck, stalled and frustrated isn't our actions or lack of actions. It's how underprepared we are to respond to OTHERS reactions to our biggest, boldest moves.

Unlocking your audacity, or what Erin calls "Big Deal Energy" is your underutilized key to smashing barriers, leveling up your personal and professional life and stepping into the reality that you were destined for. 

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SALES/Communication keynote 


Attendees will learn EXACTLY how to: 
- change one simple word to attract more YES 
- ignite action from posts and messages in just 2.5 seconds
- digitally differentiate themselves using strategic language 
- understand the psychology behind what influences us online 
- maximize their efficacy on email, text, and other digital platforms

My three step "PUB" method has been used by Fortune 500 sales and marketing teams around the world to optimize how they type, text, tweet and meet- and it will help your team do the same. 

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"Erin's session had the highest engagement of any speaker at our global summit."

Plexus needed help standing out in the crowded social media landscape, and using Erin's PUB method, that's exactly what they learned how to do. Anchoring their online event with over 18,000 attendees alongside Mel Robbins, Suze Orman and John Maxwell, Erin rocked her talk with custom stories and examples that lit up social media. 


STEEN-sr. content developer, plexus worldwide

What You Can Expect

"I grew my tribe to over 1,000 dynamos using Erin's PUB method. It's insane how well it works."

The direct selling landscape has never been more competitive, but Ashley's team managed to digitally differentiate themselves using Erin's guidance and coaching. 


jackson- envp, arbonne international

"Erin King is my secret virtual weapon. She nails it every. freaking. time."

From leadership retreats to VIP sessions to global summits, Erin has helped Zurvita completely re-imagine what the intersection between creativity and compliance can look like, boosting sales and morale in the process. 


vega-SVP Sales/marketing, zurvita inc

 Keynote Options

45-60 minutes of inspiring laugh/cry stories PLUS a seriously effective 3-step digital selling method. Provide a virtual escape for your team as we connect from the mountains of SoCal, the beaches of Catalina Island, my professional office in Laguna Beach and other beautiful locations. 

Real-time, live virtual presentations starting at $10K.

Custom pre-recorded, highly produced starting at $15K.


Weave your event theme throughout the open and close.

Let's workshop custom examples from "fine" to "fantastic".

Interactive Q&A's and half-day workshop experiences also available.

We have full production capabilities to bring your vision to life. 

Check Erin's availability by emailing [email protected]

custom add-ons

We laugh, we cry, we dance, we learn. We change. 

Live keynotes starting at
$17,500 USD. 

live experience

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"Feedback off the charts. So relevant and energetic. Can't wait to have Erin back again."


got his sales team fired up:


george pla, exec. dir., merck pharmacueticals

"Erin's method has rejuvenated how my team shows up to attract opportunities- no question." 


trained his team on the PUB method: 


buck mcmurray, vp field development, epicure

"Erin's virtual talk had my global team laughing, crying and armed with a smart sales strategy."


loved the pub method


david schmidt,
ceo, lifewave

“this isn't happening TO you-it's happening FOR you”

— the universe,  2021


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annual cheese cubes consumed in the AA lounge between flights


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