Listen to “Lee Abbamonte on Detecting Artificial Influence and Award-Winning Collaborations” on Spreaker.

Lee Abbamonte is the youngest American to have visited every single country- including the North and South Pole- on the planet. American Express, Marriott, BMW, Starwood, Allianz, and dozens of other brands have partnered with him on award-winning, long-term influencer marketing campaigns over the last decade. But that’s not what’s most impressive about Lee. In an Instagram world where cheaply purchased artificial influence is an epidemic- Lee’s multi-million follower network is 100% real. Lee gets real with me about:
– How he pioneered the long-term influencer partnership with AMEX
– How brands can better detect artificial influence instantly
– What to look for when selecting the right personalities to work with
– How profitable and enjoyable partnerships are structured and managed
– Behind-the-scenes details on his Cannes Film Festival award-winning content with BMW
– What the future of this industry holds for brands and creators
– The changes he’d like to see happen at all levels of the game
– Advice for brands seeking stronger collabs

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Enjoy! Cheers, E

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