In today’s saturated social media world, it is no longer enough to just ‘tell a great brand story’.

Consumer skepticism, content blindness and constantly changing social platforms means it’s tougher than ever to be heard, ignite action and measure results. If you’re a brand marketer looking to thrive in this challenging new landscape-the question we must ask ourselves is not “WHAT is our story?” but instead “WHO is telling it?”

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Welcome to the era of the “influencer”. Yes, it’s a buzzword. Yes, it’s a Halloween costume. And yes, 50% of us seriously consider a purchase after seeing one of their posts on social media (CITE Research). The power to inspire global movements and impact decision making at scale lie in the hands- well, fingertips- of countless macro, micro, and everyday social influencers. (Sigh. And you thought content calendars were a challenge.)

Good news! Reading this book will have you more relaxed than a cold kombucha after hot yoga if you’ve ever wondered:

  • Who are these non-Kardashian influencers?
  • How do you find the best ones for your brand out of the thousands of options?
  • What’s the best way to approach, partner and collaborate with them?
  • Do you really have to pay for every post? How much?
  • Aren’t consumers getting tired of “bloggers pitching product”?
  • How do you know if their followers are real?
  • Are my customers considered influencers?
  • What does an effective influencer campaign look like? How do I measure success?

After interviewing and working with over 100 of the world’s biggest influencers (and their agencies), Erin Gargan King answers those questions, shares insights and provides much-needed transparency around this dynamic new marketing channel. Whether you are an entrepreneur or at the helm of a Fortune 100 brand, this comprehensive guide will show you exactly how to find, engage and measure social media influencers for truly tangible social media success.

Available In Bookstores March 2019!

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