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Authentic Marketing After the Pandemic with Ron Tite


Episode Summary

Founder and CEO of marketing agency Church+State, Ron Tite drops by to discuss marketing in the wake of the pandemic. Author of the book “Think, Do, Say” and voted one of the Top 10 Creative Canadians by Marketing Magazine, Ron is an author, speaker, advertising writer, host, and executive producer for the podcast The Coup, which brings listeners inside the industries fighting for their futures.

Standing out in a sea of noise on social media has never been more challenging. Ron and Erin seek to answer the question: how do you break through the noise? Ron lands on several things to help businesses stand out: crystalizing their purpose, presenting authentic messaging that aligns with that purpose and their audience, and allowing for honesty and imperfection in their advertising presence to breed trust and create novelty. As Ron emphatically states, “There’s nothing more powerful in marketing than a consumer or a prospect saying ‘Ha! I’ve never seen that before.’”

Follow Ron Tite on Instagram @rontite or check out The Coup on Apple Podcasts. You can also find his company Church+State at https://churchstate.co/ or his book “Think, Do,  Say.”

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