Improve your posts, 
ignite your sales.

Improve your posts, ignite your sales 

Social media has always been a very crowded space... but increased screen time in a COVID world means it's even MORE competitive to stand out and be heard. Selling your brand, your services and your products using social media can be challenging if you just wing it- but not if you execute a clearer, smarter social strategy. That's where I come in. 

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Imagine pulling people towards you, instead of pushing them away. What if you could finally attract those "tell me more" DM's? What if instead of hitting up strangers, it felt like hooking up friends?

After your spa experience, you'll know exactly how to get out beyond your existing sphere of influence. You'll know how to discover and engage with new prospects outside your same old few hundred contacts. Stop trying to post ALL the things, and start posting just the most powerful ones. Stop wasting time and energy and start enjoying bigger results and a better experience for you AND your audience. 

As someone who has worked on thousands of social media campaigns since 2004, I've had my fair share of challenges. I've yelled at my screen. I've battled algorithms. I've gotten stuck with creative blocks. I've been frustrated by tons of effort and no engagement. Name a black hole scroll- I've been down it. 

Welcome to
The Social Media Spa. 

Ready to reinvent your social media once and for all?

"If you want to work smarter and not harder, this is the best three hours you'll ever invest on your direct selling business. It's helped over 1,000 of the women (and a few good men!) on my team re-ignite massive sales growth. (Yes, especially during COVID!)

— ashley jackson, envp, arbonne international 

"The Spa is a

When I first started my agency, I spent hours and hours trying to craft the perfect posts and DM's, only to have my clients unimpressed with the lack of response. But over time, I began to detect patterns in exactly what persuaded people to stop their scroll, lean forward and SAY YES.  15+ years of my best social media secrets are all here, packed into this fast-paced, highly interactive workshop. 

I'm no stranger to social media rejection

after learning so much about what doesn't work, i discovered a very specific strategy.

I learned what it takes to persuade people you don't know very well to care about your story-enough so they finally take action!  

here's the truth...

Get ready to level up your business and ignite the influence, relationships and revenue that you've written down in your journal. It's time for you to sell smarter in today's social media marketplace using my proven, award-winning methods. 


The Social Media Spa

We start with getting crystal clear on WHY you are using social media to grow your business and what success looks like for you. From there, we'll align your story in a way that is super simple yet completely compelling. Finally, we'll develop your customer strategy so we know precisely which social selling techniques will be most effective on which potential customers online. 

In this treatment, we'll talk about how you can better balance your digital energy so you are spending time on what will have the biggest impact to your business. From there, we'll retire tired tactics that are no longer helping move the needle for you. Finally, we'll delete all lethal language that is subconsciously repelling your prospects, so we can prepare to replace it with powerful, persuasive captions, visuals, videos and messages. 

Learn Exactly How To:

Clarify Your Strategy

Detox Your Approach 

first treatment 

second treatment

As a bonus, you'll explore how to achieve a healthier headspace when it comes to how you create and consume social content for better mental and emotional health. You'll walk away knowing exactly how to nourish your momentum so you don't get burned out, but instead can enjoy watching your audience, influence and sales grow-one strategically persuasive post at a time. 

Protect Your Zen 

BONUS treatment 

Finally, we'll close by embracing the essentials of digitally persuasive messaging so you can elevate how dynamically you're showing up to your audience every single day. Next, we deep dive into exactly how you can better rock your posts, Stories and especially, your Lives! You'll learn exactly what to type to open new opportunities in one to one messaging, so you get answered instead of ignored. Finally, you'll understand how to polish your personal brand to improve your overall profile perception and digital footprint.  

Refresh Your Content 

third treatment

let's unpack your spa experience

Increased sales and revenue from your social marketing efforts. 

How does this sound?

More profitable personal messaging exchanges that lead to live meetings. 



exactly what you can expect after your spa day:

Grow a tribe of loyal followers who engage with your content regularly.


Stop feeling like you don't know what to post and start feeling confident in how you show up on social. 


Expand your engagement! Expect 5-10x the likes, shares, comments and most importantly, positive vibes. 



How It Works

Get crystal clear on your WHY, your STORY and most importantly, YOUR PERFECT customer.

clarify your strategy

Similar to unclogging pores and extracting blackheads, we'll break through some majorly limiting beliefs and retire old-school, tired tactics that just don't work the way they used to. 

detox your approach 

Learn the foundational elements of digital persuasion, create new narratives to attract greater attention, learn how to pull people towards you instead of pushing them away, and polish your personal brand for big results. 

refresh your content

"Erin's Spa dramatically reinvented how we show up online- and the results were more than we could have hoped for."


VEGA, SVP Sales/marketing, zurvita International 


"Think you have social media all figured out? So did we until we learned Erin's PUB method and saw the real difference it made!"




real clients sharing real results


Let's Spa it Up! 

"Many on my team went from barely making a few hundred bucks a month to seriously promoting. 

If you're tired of only clearing a few hundred bucks here and there, a simple social media makeover could be just what you need to turn on the revenue faucet and start growing your team of customers and sellers for real deal financial impact. 


grew her team's income

Spa-Goers Share: 

"If you're looking for a fresh approach to social selling- the Spa is for you."

I've bought the courses, and read the books, and listened to the podcasts- but Erin's method is the one that really helped my team break out of their same old sales and posting routines and into a whole new level of growth. We're talking a level that only existed in their journals and vision boards.  


scaled hIS business BIG TIME

"Our revenue tripled after Erin's spa experience.
Mind blown!"

I did not believe that a few hundred bucks and a couple of hours could really have that big of an impact on my social marketing business. But that was before I walked into Erin's experience. It's gold nuggets a mile a minute- thank goodness each session comes with printable notes and exercises otherwise my hand would have been TIRED. 


BUILT a dream team

Sometimes you just need that extra, spell-it-out-for-me, step by step guide to feel energized and ultra clear on how to maximize your time, energy and creativity. If you've ever sighed with frustration because you don't know if what you are working so hard on is actually working or moving your business forward, well all I can say is that..

You're already more socially savvy than you think you are. But if you're anything like me, you just need a clear strategy to take your success to the next level. You just want someone to show you EXACTLY what works.

You're in the right place.

Secure your spa pass and score my free badass batching guide: "How To Shoot One Year of Images in One Day" 

Free guide

How to Shoot One Year of Images In
One Day 


"Now is the time. You're finally ready.

— the year 2021 

Attract "Tell Me More" messages so you can pull a higher number of new buyers towards you- instead of pushing them away. 

Increase your influence and reach out beyond your existing sphere of the same 100-200 people 

Be able to create brand new, fresh, CREATIVE content every day that converts (yes, even in a pandemic!) 

Grow your business organically by activating more comments, shares and followers

Explode your influence beyond what you thought was possible by outsmarting the algorithm 

Maximize how you persuasively you offer the opportunity and paint the vision one-to-one in your texts and DM's! 

By the end of your Spa Day, you will...


"I can't believe how my DM's and engagement have blown up in such a short time."

— Sarah

"The Spa transformed my business!"

"Just when you think you've heard it all and seen it all and know it all- Erin blows your mind AND blows up your social success. ."


"The Spa was the best investment I've ever made in my wellness business"

"If you've ever cringed or felt annoying,  like you're "bugging" someone... that's probably because you're using old school tired methods. Erin's DM strategy helped me stop getting ignored and start getting TELL ME MORE answers!"


"The Spa showed me how to PULL not PUSH people towards me.

I'm Erin, your new sassy social sister.

I'm here to share my best practices from the last 15+ years running campaigns for the biggest direct selling brands in the world. I've helped them explode their revenues and elevate their reputations- and I can't wait to help you do the same. 

 my backstory

hey there!

Are you totally sick of selfies?

Have you ever had that uncomfortable feeling when you're sharing all about YOU, and YOUR LIFE and YOUR BREAKFAST and YOUR BUSINESS and YOU YOU YOU? I've been there! After running campaigns for some of the world's biggest brands and influencers, I became weary of sharing the same old self-centered stuff. One day, I tested out a game-changing new strategy on my own content. And it WORKED. But more importantly, it felt WAY LESS ICKY. And way more natural. And you will LOVE using it on your accounts to grow engagement, reach and interest... WITHOUT feeling like an annoying selfie monster. 

winning on social is not about some magic secret sauce. or about copying everyone else. it's about unlocking exactly what already lies within you, right now. 

so was I ...

The Social Media Spa is unique in that... 

IT takes all of the secrets, tactics and content from my live events and brings them right to you, where you are 

When you experience the Spa, it's exactly like you're attending one of my live workshop programs. We laugh, we cry, we learn and WE. GET. PUMPED. to affect real, lasting change. Get ready to level up your positivity and your profits by untangling the social media necklace of your business. 

PLUS- it's actually fun. Spa-Goers say they couldn't believe they actually enjoyed an online course for once! 

Let's be real. After what we've all been through recently, we've all experienced some Zoom Gloom and screen fatigue. And look, I love a good girls spa day that may or may not include a cold, sparkling glass of champagne. The beauty of the Spa is that students describe it as feeling like you're not just learning, but that you're also hanging out, storytelling, sipping and having a dang good time working on your business. This is a course that doesn't FEEL like a course, it feels like an experience. A refreshing, enjoyable YET profitable one. Cheers! 

Study at your own pace

Plan based on your learning style - watch, listen or read! 


Follow a proven roadmap

The Spa includes *everything* you need to rock your dreams online.

But my strategies can only take you so far. They need your vision, your vibes, your energy and YOUR COMMITMENT to making this the year you take charge of your social efforts. Only YOU can make social media support your business and achieve your goals. The Spa can HELP you get unstuck but you and I both know the truth is that your dreams only work if you do. 

Creating a clear, profitable social media system

Building a pipeline of new prospects that CONVERT 

Attracting your dream clients and working on sharing your story in a way that changes hearts and minds 

Build your ideal team who will help you fill your soul with purpose and your wallet with profits

Creating and sustaining a process and a system that's efficient, lucrative AND just plain more fun! 

Feeling more digitally balanced, emotionally rested, and in alignment with what you're wanting to create for your business and your life. 

If you want THIS to be the year that you *finally* commit to:


Try the Spa for 15 days. Get your money back if you don't walk away completely rejuvenated.

Thousands of direct sellers who RAVE about (and return to!) the Spa can't be wrong. But everyone is different so if after all of your treatments you don't feel like you got your money's worth, than it's not worth it for me to keep your money. Send me a message if you're not feeling stoked and sublime post-spa and you'll receive a complete refund. 

money back 


This      for you if:

You need to finally create a proactive strategy (not just random acts of social) 





It's probably       for you if...




It's probably
for you if...


Let's Spa it Up! 

How long can I access the Spa?

Forever and ever. One IP address has access to the Spa in perpetuity! Go at your own pace whether you watch, listen or read. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Will I learn about how to polish my personal brand? 

YES. Yes, yes, yes. 

Will I learn how to measure social media success?

YES. Yes, yes. yes. 

Can I share it with my team? 

One spa pass per person please. 

Do the Spa treatments only happen at certain times? 

Nope, they are self-paced, self-guided and you can access them whenever is most convenient for you! 

Will I learn about exactly what to post? 

YES. Yes, yes, yes. 

What if I don't like my Spa experience? 

Then you message me and I give you your money back. 

Where can I go for more expertise and information? 


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I completely understand. Every dollar invested in your business is an important one! That is something I take VERY seriously-especially in today's tough times. Let's make sure a Spa Day is for you.

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