Unlock Your
Big Deal Energy

When your inner GPS is telling you to take a different route – how do you respond? 
When you find yourself at a personal or professional crossroads- where do you turn for answers? Exactly how do you get unstuck? 
When you find yourself in a challenging situation- do you gravitate towards the comfortable, even when you know you should level up? 

Leveling up in your personal and professional life takes much more than just confidence and courage… it takes something bigger and grittier: BOLDNESS. If you’re finding the same old mindset work and strategy deployment STILL isn’t getting you where you want to go- unlocking your audacity might be the answer you’ve been looking for. 
Three-time entrepreneur and bestselling author Erin King shares her proven success roadmap to unlocking your “Big Deal Energy” so you can finally step into the life you’ve dreamed of living- online, offline and all the time. 

This keynote is about:
-Boldness: how to embrace who you’ve been, who you are and who you are destined to become- no matter what the world tells you.
-Courage: how to identify and overcome the obstacles keeping you stuck and holding you back 
-Leadership: how to develop and deploy concrete action steps for you and your team to ignite powerful progress towards your biggest goals and decisions 
Key Learnings: 
1. How to activate your Big Deal Energy to level up personally and professionally 
2. The biggest mistake that we’re all making when it comes to our most impactful life decisions
3. Erin’s secret to unlocking your “BDE” so you can finally release your fears and ramp up your results from your very next tough scenario.

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Get More Yes:
Ignite Your Influence
Online,Offline, All the Time

When you're selling to prospects or leading your team- virtually or in person- how persuasive are you REALLY?

Does your communication style in today's radically new world of work inspire others to say YES to your ask, YES to your idea, and YES to YOU?

Maybe you're feeling stuck because your leadership style or sales approach doesn't seem to be yielding your usual results?

Whether you struggle with your "screen speak", or need to amp up your in-person impact, Erin King will teach you precisely how to communicate more compellingly using her award-winning PUB Method™. Erin helps sales and leadership pros from the world's biggest brands to level up:

1) Influence: Present your idea, or story, or ask in a more irresistible way by optimizing your open.

2) Digital Body Language: be more persuasive when you’re communicating via email, text, and other business platforms. 

3) Trust: Expedite connection at scale from your very next meeting, message, or high-stakes moment.

For over a decade, King's proprietary methodology has trained and motivated millions of sales leaders, executives, and entrepreneurs to increase their influence from the keyboard to the boardroom. Your teams will feel empowered and motivated to start communicating more compelling from their very next message or meeting. Get ready to unlock the most eloquent version of you- online, offline, and all the time. 

This keynote is about: 

-Influence: how to improve sales, collaboration, and compliance in our increasingly digital, hybrid, and automated world of work 

-Persuasion: how to differentiate yourself with precise language that turns NO into YES 

-Trust: how to expedite authentic connection at scale

Key Learnings: 

1. How to improve your sales or leadership communication style to be more influential and dynamic in today's new world of work. 

2. How to avoid the number one thing blocking you from being your most persuasive self from behind the screen AND in-person. (It's not what you might think.) 

3. Erin’s award-winning PUB Method™ formula to help your leaders and sales professionals GET MORE YES online, offline, and all the time. 

watch erin in action

sales/professional development keynote

Virtual custom keynote starting at $12,500

Monthly interactive episodic series starting at $5k per month
(6 month minimum)  

virtual training

Starting at $35K-
please email ashley@erinking.com for a custom quote.

full day workshops, licensing, and other custom programs

$25,000 speaking fee 
$3k all-inclusive flat travel fee
(U.S. domestic)
International pricing please email ashley@erinking.com. 

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Speaking Fees

Let's ignite real change, together. 

Erin opens with "stand-up comic style" humor around the challenges we now face selling and leading in a post-pandemic world. She then explains the surprising science behind what's holding us back from being our most persuasive selves. From there, your audience learns her "PUB" method (with a CUSTOMIZED example every time, then  immediate application right from their phones during the presentation). Erin then closes with a powerful, motivational story that has been known to make even the most stoic of audiences get a little teary-eyed. The final parting moment is epic advice from Nana. Your attendees walk away empowered AND crystal-clear on the first thing they need to DO to #GetMoreYes. 

Buckle up, because many clients call Erin's keynote "the best kind of roller coaster"- and that's exactly how she designed the experience to be. 


"Erin's energy and expertise is a combo that is truly unmatched. And I've seen a LOT of speakers."

General manager, Nuskin

Buck McMurray


"Our global sales force began using the PUB method for immediate, measurable results. Erin's like a modern Dale Carnegie."

exec. dir. merck pharmaceuticals

George Pla


"She takes you up and down emotionally, and at the end you know you MUST make a change. Our global sales force LOVED HER."

svp, mktg/events zurvita, inc



"Our more traditional, old-school sales force (lot of 45+ guys!) was shocked at how easy it was to evolve their approach for a huge payoff. Thank you so much Erin for helping us transition into this new world."

svp, marketing communications hitachi healthcare



"Erin's virtual training kept our attention with her high energy, raw stories and powerful strategy."

CEO, lifewave


real results

“the best way to be interesting,
is to be interested”

-dale carnegie 


Total social media followers


Rehire rate from clients (seriously, just ask them!)


"More persuasive" after Erin's keynote, according to attendees 


Number of Erin's podcast episodes downloaded

About Erin

Erin King is the world’s leading digital persuasion expert, a 2x bestselling author, and the Chief Digital Officer of Strikepoint Media, a 2x Inc. 5000 Fastest Growing Companies in America. 

SUCCESS Magazine named Erin one of the "Top 10 Must-See Motivational Speakers of 2022" along with Jay Shetty, Mel Robbins, and Lewis Howes.

Erin has helped clients like the The Academy Awards, Disney, VISA, Adobe, and even the US Navy communicate more compellingly using her trademark PUB Method™. She’s the author of “Digital Persuasion: Sell Smarter in the Modern Marketplace” and the host of the Top 1% on iTunes podcast "On Your Terms with Erin King." 


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