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What’s Your BIG ENERGY® Type?

You’ve probably taken a personality test like DiSC or StrengthsFinder, or you might know your Enneagram or Love Language. But have you ever wondered what type of ENERGY you have? Introducing the world’s first PhD-backed scientific assessment to identify the specific energy you transmit out to the world. Discover your unique Chargers and Drainers so you can “power through” less and power up more.


Big energy® type are you?

Did you know that the #1 success trait of professionals today is their “energy”?

After interviewing thousands of participants in our extensive study, someone’s “vibe/way of being” was ranked as more important to their success than their education, skills, experience, connections, creativity, hours worked, or even their moral compass! Your energy is your edge- so what kind of energy are YOU giving off?

Chargers Vs. Drainers

These drainers stand between you and your best self.
Becoming aware of what drains you will help keep that battery charged rather than staying on low-power mode.

What is

"big Energy"

Our mission is to help you unlock your Big Energy – the fullest expression of your unique energy when you’re firing on all cylinders, feeling unstoppable, aligned, and fully alive. Stop feeling drained and start feeling charged! Energy is contagious and shapes your reality. Expand your AUTHENTIC you by taking the exam to learn how to keep your personal battery in the green zone.

Your Vibe is Your Value

learn more about your:

Personal Power Source

Your energy when you are “at your best” is a combination of nature and nurture, temperament and character. Your personal power source is as distinct as your DNA and (according to our research) deeply drives you more than your age, career, or background.

Chargers and drainers

What energizes versus exhausts you is highly unique to how your personal battery gets and gives energy. Different people, places, projects, and pivots all determine your ability to bring your best self to the world for maximum impact.

energetic compatibility

Our human energies can either clash or complement. By engineering teams of more energetically aligned individuals, you can foster more genuine influence, collaboration, and creativity. Ignite more positive interactions online, offline, and all the time.


the research

Erin King and her team of PhD researchers spent a year conducting the world’s largest scientific study on personal human energy management. The goal? To understand how people with both “high energy” AND “high life satisfaction” maintain long term vitality (outside of what King calls Doing the ‘DUH’- Diet, Unwind, Hydrate). What EXACTLY are these ambitious, aligned, and ALIVE humans doing that the rest of us aren’t? Here are a few of King’s key discoveries:
“BETTER” energy management was better than “more” energy managEmenT
It turns out we perform an average of 32 “energizing activities” a week to maintain our baseline energy levels. But performing MORE energizing activities didn’t lead to higher life satisfaction scores- performing BETTER activities did. (“Better” meaning specific activities that were uniquely charging to that individuals unique personal battery). Socrates was right: the key is to Know Thyself.
We discovered that people with “high energy” (5-7 on a 1-7 scale) reported being “happier, more satisfied, and more confident that they would reach their goals.” We also found that there are a variety of unique energy levels and styles that drive our success.
Energy is contagious- but HOW contagious exactly? We found that surrounding yourself with “good energy” individuals helps you to generate and protect your own energy. BUT- just having high energy is not enough to protect you from someone else’s “bad vibes.”

Big Energy®


Optimize your personal energy management in five simple steps.

1. ASK

Where is your personal battery on a scale from 1-7 (7 being the highest)?

Estimate your average over the last 90 days.


Which Big Energy type are you?

Take the Energy Exam® to find out your primary and secondary energies.


What are your Drainers and Chargers?

Audit the people, places, projects, and pivots where you’re investing your energy.


What have you observed from optimizing your energy?

Evaluate where you might be able to further iterate, pivot, and optimize exponentially.


How energetically compatible are your teams?

Apply insights about other people’s energy to engineer more creativity, collaboration, or harmony.

How’s Your

organizational energy?

There’s a high cost to low energy. Our study shows that a lack of energetic leadership and/or energetic buy-in is extremely expensive- especially in the age of AI. Low energy equals low morale. Low morale equals low productivity. Low productivity equals low profitability. As leaders, if you want to raise the energy AROUND you- you can start by raising the energy WITHIN you. How? Deploying our Big Energy Blueprint at scale can help your organization with more:

“Unlock Your Big Energy®” workshops are available in two formats:

Both formats include Erin’s signature keynote, lifetime access to the Energy Exam assessment, personalized reporting for every attendee, enterprise insight dashboard, and interactive coaching through the Big Energy Blueprint.

Contact Ashley “Sarge” Jackson for availability, workshop details, and pricing.

ERIN’s Clients Include:

The Story

Behind the Study

It all started one day when I reached up to brush my hair out of my face and a handful came out. Then the next week I noticed my heart racing. Then having trouble catching my breath. Then difficulty swallowing and sleeping. I ignored it all and just kept “powering through.”

Have you ever done that?

Like many of us, over the last few years I was hit with a tough season. In a short period of time, life had thrown death, trauma, grief, and financial losses my way. On top of this, I was investing my energy in a multitude of directions. On Instagram, it was all “successes”- selling my social media agency, book signings at Barnes and Noble, jet setting to conferences. But my everyday reality felt NOTHING like success- it felt like SURVIVAL.

One week it all came to a head, after delivering five keynotes on five different topics in five days, I woke up in the emergency room. The last thing I remember, I was having what I thought was a heart attack right in the middle of a team Zoom call. After being told it was “just” a panic attack, I knew I couldn’t shush my somatic signals any longer as I found myself at the ultimate crossroads.

So I made the terrifying, expensive decision to put my life on TOTAL PAUSE. I blew up all of my projects and plans and sat down to answer the question: “Is it possible to be an ambitious achiever, with high energy, who doesn’t burn out, and who actually enjoys their life?” Was it actually possible to break my decades-long cycle of powering through till physically impossible, and then powering down until fiscally impossible, and then taking it from the top all over again. Or was that the only way? I hired a team of PhD researchers to find out. We spent a year co-conducting the world’s largest study on personal human energy. Fast-forward to today, and the insights from this energy experiment have not only completely changed my health, my business, and my LIFE for the better, but it’s helped thousands of others reactivate their ambition, achieve alignment, and most importantly, reignite a sense of ALIVENESS. And it’s my deepest hope that using what I learned the hard way will help you to do the same. Your energy is your edge, and your vibe is your value.

Let’s dive into the surprising science behind YOUR personal power source, together.

• Erin King


Asked questions

How long will it take to complete the exam?
The average amount of time to take the exam is around five minutes.
The exam is free to take to discover your primary energy type with a basic overview of what that means. You can unlock your comprehensive, custom, 50-page+ report with your primary chargers and drainers, unique energetic compatibility, your secondary energy type, and more bespoke insights for a fee.
You’ll not only learn which of the five energy types you are, but you’ll also learn how to apply the 5-step Big Energy Blueprint for maximum positive energetic momentum. You’ll learn how to identify opportunities for personal and professional energetic optimization and expansion. You’ll also receive specific tools for your particular chargers and drainers so you can raise your personal energetic battery online, offline, and all the time.

Energy is created by satisfying the needs of competence, control, and connection, as outlined in self-determination theory. These energy sources manifest as different energetic types, from physical to spiritual. By expressing these forms of energy, you generate more personal energy (according to the broaden and build framework) and more relational energy (based on social transmission).  

Erin King commissioned this research study to work side-by-side with a dozen PhD-holding researchers employed by Material+, whose clients include Deloitte, Best Buy, State Farm, Target, Omni, Sephora, Pizza Hut and others. Material+ is a global strategy, insights, design, and technology partner to companies striving for true customer centricity and ongoing relevance.