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Ashley Jackson will likely respond to you within one hour, or within one business day at the absolute latest.




It all started 20+ years ago at a local television station in Baltimore, MD where Erin and Ashley were just two little newbie ad sales reps. Fast forward two decades of being roommates, trips and travels, being maids-of-honor at weddings, and overall the most special of soul sisters, and Ashley is now Erin’s cherished Director of Partnerships and Events.

Ashley Jackson began her career as an Account Executive for FOX and quickly rose through the ranks because of her excellent attention to client detail management. From there, she joined a network marketing organization where she built a multi-million dollar team comprised of thousands of passionate entrepreneurs she named “Courage Nation.” She’s now thrilled to offer her sales, marketing, and event experience to serve her clients beyond their highest expectations. Her mindset? Erin isn’t the star of your event: YOU ARE. Her success metric? Did she make your job easier while making YOU look amazing? Her mission is to answer YES and HECK YES.

Erin King Best Motivational Speaker and Author with best friend Ashley Jackson Muti-Million Founder of Courage Nation

What You Can


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Photo of Erin King, a Keynote Speaker, and Ashley Jackson, Muti-Million Founder of Courage Nation, smiling happily at the camera together. They are best friends.
Pre-Discovery Call Research

Research is the new listening. Before our very first conversation, we’ll have thoroughly researched your company, event, and key stakeholders so we can come to the table with a solid base knowledge of who you are and what you do . This allows us to use our time wisely to learn about your strategic event vision, unique challenges, and specific customization requests.

You’ll receive our client checklist, contract, and access to our Meeting Pro Portal where you can download everything you need to promote your event with Erin. Headshots, bios, session descriptions, intro video, book links and more all in one easy-to-access place to make your job easier.

Between 9a-5p EST, you’ll receive a reply within the hour. Outside of business hours, you’ll receive a reply within 24 hours. You’ll also have access to Ashley’s mobile number for any potential ASAP needs that might crop up as your event gets close.

Slide decks, AV tech specs, travel information confirmation and more will be provided with the utmost promptness. No “last-minute night before” slide deck sending here.

We are partners in the success of your event and can’t wait to create whatever content you would like to help drive excitement (and early registration!). We’d be happy to create a custom promo video for you. Check on the Keynotes page.

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Photo captured from a live studio monitor during Erin King's live recording seminar, snapshot taken while she was delivering keynote speech.
Real-Time Day Of Support

Our team monitors email and texts for any real-time needs during your event.

Erin’s presentation has built-in real time audience application with a social media giveaway that will be facilitated by our team.

Shortly after your event, we create a montage of all the most positive audience uploads, share to our network and tag your event or company’s social team for easy real-time resharing (also helps create FOMO for non-attendees.) 😊

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Erin King Keynote Speaker with Ashley Jackson Muti-Million Founder of Courage Nation
Social Feedback Loop

We’re happy to share audience insights and “a-ha!” moments from DM’s and posts with you and your team.

We offer a number of virtual and live options to nurture the momentum of the event experience (including our wildly popular “Post-Event Virtual Q&A”.) This add-on is a discussion around the challenges faced when actually implementing your event ideas to remove any stumbling blocks between your audience member and long-term real change. We also offer half-day and full-day workshops, as well as enterprise-wide licensible content to implement Big Deal Energy® at scale.

Having been in the events industry for over 15 years, plus knowing your audience the way that wenow do, we are standing by to provide introductions to other dynamic keynote speakers, AV/tech partners, agency relationships and more. We highly value our trusted relationships and look forward to counting you among them.

We’d love to learn more about your event!