White Erin King logo featured on Erin King- Best Keynote Speaker website.
White Erin King logo featured on Erin King- Best Keynote Speaker website.

Unlock Your

big energy

In the age of AI and automation, your HUMAN ENERGY is your ultimate EDGE.


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“Erin’s system is like the ‘Love Languages’- but instead of discovering how we receive love, we learned how we personally receive ENERGY!” 

– Brenda Hunsberger, SVP

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Until now, we’ve been taught that someone’s “personal energy” was a slightly “woo-woo” byproduct of success.

But in today’s AI and automation-powered workplace, a human being’s personal energy IS their ultimate edge- it is THE #1 most critical driver of professional success…or failure.

Our ultimate human advantage in the future of work is clear.

No longer can we out-work or out-hustle our new competition…but we CAN out-energize them. 

In fact, Erin’s proprietary research study (co-authored with a team of PhD’s) has unearthed three surprising scientific discoveries: 

 1) Erin’s study uncovered that a leader’s “personal energy” is perceived as more influential, impactful, and important than their education, skillsets, or connections. 


Colloquially, the science proves that the “vibe” you emit is quite literally the #1 VALUE that you bring. 


2) Her research also shows that we don’t all power up in the same way. Much like a Love Language, how we receive energy depends on how our specific personal batteries are built.

3). The world’s “high-vibe” humans (individuals who leave us more charged than drained) share the same success habit of recharging their personal battery  BEFORE they fall into the “red.”

The secret to success doesn’t lie in just having MORE energy. Energy itself is not enough-activity does not equal productivity.

Instead, the greatest predictor of success in today’s times is dependent on generating and strategically expanding YOUR specific HUMAN energy- what Erin calls your Big Energy®. 


Big Energy® is what we experience from charismatic humans who leave us feeling “better” -whether that’s lighter and calmer, or more motivated and fired up.  It’s contagious- it boosts morale, productivity, and positivity at an organizational level. 


It’s our most critical value-add and differentiator in the age of AI. 

Energy management is the new time management.

It’s time to unlock your Big Energy®

Ideal Audience


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This keynote is NOT about basic wellness “DUH” advice  (Diet, Unwind, Hydrate). It’s also beyond time management or classic resilience principles. King’s proprietary personal energy assessment, success framework, and daily “charger check” has resulted in stronger peformance, influence, and impact in the workplace for over one million ambitious achievers around the world. Personally, you’ll reignite more ambition, alignment, and most importantly- ALIVENESS.

Your audience will discover:

Personal power sources-AKA their  chief and backup “chargers”

Knowing exactly how you personally power up provides a strategic shortcut to proactively recharge your personal battery in “micro-moments”. 

We don’t all receive energy the same way. Some people drain. others, while the same people have the opposite effect on different personalities. King’s research unearthed that the world’s most “high-vibe” humans (individuals perceived as having “good energy” by their teams, colleagues, and clients)  shared two specific success habits.

1) They were crystal clear on exactly how they PERSONALLY generate energy quickly for their personality type, lifestyle, and business goals. 

2) They prioritized recharging BEFORE their personal batteries were in the red. 

From high-stakes moments, to everyday experiences, those with Big Deal Energy® are able to STOP feeling drained, START feeling fresh vitality, and most importantly, easily SHARE that positive emotional contagion with their spheres of influence.  

Erin King sharing empowerment strategies to group at conference.

 Audit Your Current
Energetic Investments

Leverage King’s proprietary energy management system to identify the people, places, projects, and pivots which are making deposits and withdrawals upon your energy reserves on an everyday basis.

Which of your everyday energetic expenses are fixed? Which ones just SEEM to be fixed? And which ones are discretionary? Using King’s strategies you can being to shift from reactive survive mode, and step in proactive thrive mode. The goal is not just to play defense and PROTECT your energy, but to unlock ways to proactively proliferate your “good vibes” througout your organization, home, community- your entire life. 

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 Activate your Big Energy® 

The final step is to move from ideas and potential, to implementation and propulsion.

How do you ensure that everyday you are a catalyst for your Big Energy® to be nurtured internally and than magnified externally. King’s strategies will help you to be more intentional and strategic about where you spend versus where you save, invest, and reallocate your energetic budget, so that you can show up more confidently (and joyfully!) for your family, your friends, your team, your clients, and most importantly- YOURSELF. 

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Get Ready To Unlock Your Big Energy®

Good vibes only? Eh, not realistic.


Good vibes mostly? Actually…not impossible. 


Get ready to take your energy management as seriously as you take your time or money management with King’s refreshing, revolutionary system. 

Core Audience


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your ambition

Erin King Motivational Speaker snapshot on stage at a motivational event.



Erin King Motivational Speaker snapshot on stage at a motivational event.





Virtual Trainings

starting $10,000

Filmed with multi-camera angles using Sony FS5/ Sigma lenses (aka NOT Zoom laptop camera). OBS used for real-time slide/speaker varied screen arrangements for a more “produced” feel.

*For a monthly interactive episodic series, fees start at $5,000 a month with a 6 month minimum.

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Live Keynote Experience


Perfect for convention general sessions, executive leadership retreats, national sales meetings. All customization requests will be honored. 

*$3,000 flat travel fee for U.S. domestic events plus hotel. International travel fees priced separately. 

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VIP Private coaching


Scale your business, master your mindset, and transform yourself into a higher-performing human. This 12-month program is for entrepreneurs who want to tap into their full market and collapse time to their highest income goals.  

*Application required- limited spots. Must commit to monthly coaching calls and two in-person half-day intensive sessions. 

Erin King joyfully coaches team, actively engaging and sharing insights during the session.
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Erin King inside Strikepoint Media's office in Laguna Beach, California. Strikepoint Media is one of INC 5000's Fastest Growing Companies.

Erin King is the world’s leading energy management expert, bestselling author, and Chief Energy Officer of Strikepoint, which has TWICE been named by Inc. 5000 as one of the “Fastest-Growing Companies in America”.

Erin King joyfully coaches team, actively engaging and sharing insights during the meeting.

If you’re feeling broke, you create a budget to better manage our money.

If you’re feeling chaotic, you create a schedule to better manage your time.

So if you’re feeling OFF (overwhelmed, insecure, indifferent) why don’t you create a plan to better manage your MOST precious asset: your ENERGY?

Wellness overwhelm is real. Most of us don’t have time to do “all the things”. 

But we do DO have time to take one strategic step.


We can recharge BEFORE we’re in the red. 

Erin King Keynote Speaker snapshot on stage at a motivational event.

Charismatic leaders know that managing their energetic states, traits, and levels is the most critical component to influencing whether their actions achieve their desired results- or not. 

But the idea of managing something as complex as “energy” can be overwhelming. That’s where King’s energetic shortcut delivers immediate impact. 

Not everyone recharges their personal battery in the same way. Introverts recharge alone, extroverts recharge with others. But what about the 70% of us who are ambiverts?

Depending on your specific energetic makeup, you’ll learn to  leverage energy generators like competence, control, and connectedness, as well as distinct energy types like mental, creative, social, or spiritual energy. 



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