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It’s time to manage your energy as seriously as you manage your money.


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Your energy is your most valuable currency. It’s how the world transacts with you. But without a proactive strategy, all too often you might find yourself feeling depleted, overwhelmed, or indifferent.

If your vibe is your value – how can you protect your value when you just feel “off?”

Maybe your “off” is from feeling overwhelmed by the constant firehose of bad news on social, digital, and media platforms.


Maybe your “off” has more to do with your fears of irrelevance as A.I. and extreme automation hurtles directly towards us at lightening speed. 


Maybe your “off” is that you’re secretly still not sure who you’ve decided to be on the other side of a global pandemic (even though you’re not allowed to admit it, because “blaming it on the pandemic” has been cancelled for a while now).


Maybe your “off” is a recurring insecurity from a toxic relationship, habit, or legacy belief system. 


Or, maybe your “off” feeling is just… no feeling.  Indifference. Apathy. The unsettling diametric opposite of “aliveness”. 

If you want to reignite ambition, redefine alignment, and reclaim aliveness- then

It’s time to unlock your Big Deal Energy®

Ideal Audience


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King’s energetic asset management system isn’t about the simple advice like “more sleep” or the skeptical advice like “chakra cleansing”. Her system has been used by over a million ambitious achievers in over 10 countries to effectively audit the “core four” that are keep you stuck in energetic scarcity and prohibiting you from activating your Big Deal Energy® online, offline, and all the time.

Your audience will learn exactly how to:

 Ascertain Your “Essential   Energy” type 

Obviously, energy is fluid and changing from moment to moment and season to season. We are multifaceted, complex beings who can never fit in a box… AND- it’s also true that we have certain organic “factory settings” in terms of our baseline energy where we tend to feel most peaceful, joyful, and POWERFUL.

So what is that essential energy type for you?
Most of us would agree that every single day, the people and projects you interact with leave you feeling one of two polar opposite ways: either energized or exhausted. Who are those types for you? And on the flip side, which of those types are YOU for others?

How you are feeling energetically transmits to how they feel about you. And then how they feel themselves. And THEN how they make the next interaction feel. This energetic ripple effect defines every single moment of our experiences- all based on something as vague as a “vibe.”

Attempting to categorize human energy obviously isn’t an exact science, but it is a shortcut. Energetic asset management is simply a shortcut to managing the specific vibe you have, so you can measure the specific value you bring.

Erin King sharing empowerment strategies to group at conference

 Audit Your Current
Energetic Investments

Leverage King’s proprietary energy management system to identify the people, places, projects, and pivots which are making deposits and withdrawals upon your energy reserves on an everyday basis.

Which of your everyday energetic expenses are fixed? Which ones just SEEM to be fixed? And which ones are discretionary? Using King’s strategies you can being to shift from reactive survive mode, and step in proactive thrive mode. The goal is not just to play defense and PROTECT your energy, but to unlock ways to proactively proliferate your “good vibes” througout your organization, home, community- your entire life. 

Erin King Keynote Speaker

 Activate your Big
Deal Energy®

The final step is to move from ideas and potential, to implementation and propulsion.

How do you ensure that everyday you are a catalyst for your Big Deal Energy® to be nurtured internally and than magnified externally. King’s strategies will help you to be more intentional and strategic about where you spend versus where you save, invest, and reallocate your energetic budget, so that you can show up more confidently (and joyfully!) for your family, your friends, your team, your clients, and most importantly- YOURSELF. 

Erin King Keynote Speaker

Get Ready To Unlock Your Big Deal Energy®

Good vibes only? Eh, not realistic.


Good vibes mostly? Actually…not impossible. 


Get ready to take your energy management as seriously as you take your time or money management with King’s refreshing, revolutionary system. 

Core Audience


Erin King Keynote Speaker


your ambition

Erin King Keynote Speaker



Erin King Keynote Speaker





Virtual Training


Filmed with multi-camera angles using Sony FS5/ Sigma lenses (aka NOT Zoom laptop camera). OBS used for real-time slide/speaker varied screen arrangements for a more “produced” feel.

*For a monthly interactive episodic series, fees start at $5,000 a month with a 6 month minimum.

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Live Keynote Experience


Perfect for convention general sessions, executive leadership retreats, national sales meetings.

*$3,000 flat travel fee for U.S. domestic events plus hotel. International travel fees priced separately. 

Erin King Keynote Speaker


STARTing at $35,000

Perfect for half-day, full-day, or multi-day on-site corporate workshops, company-wide trainings, and more.

*$3,000 flat travel fee for U.S. domestic events plus hotel. International travel fees priced separately.

Erin King joyfully coaches a sales team, actively engaging and sharing insights during the session.
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Erin King as Strikepoint's Chief Energy Officer

Erin King is the world’s leading energy management expert, bestselling author, and Chief Energy Officer of Strikepoint Media, which has TWICE been named by Inc. 5000 as one of the “Fastest-Growing Companies in America”.

Erin King leads a sales training session, engaging with a team while dressed in a sky-blue blouse.

If we’re feeling broke, we create a budget to better manage our money.
If we’re feeling chaotic, we create a schedule to better manage our time.
So why then, if we’re feeling so OFF, don’t we create a plan to better manage our third equally precious asset: our ENERGY?

We’ve all met someone who checked all the boxes, said all the right things..

But something just FELT OFF.

Erin King Keynote Speaker
We talk about energy in terms of high or low, good or bad… but we all know low-vibe humans who are positive (yogis) and high-vibe humans who are negative (used car salesmen). But what about all the definitions of what someone’s energy conveys, attracts, and galvanizes in personal and professional environments?

Oftentimes, when we feel ehausted, overwhelmed, irrelevant, or insecure- we tend to think we need MORE.

If we could just have more time, more money, more energy-MORE of the MORE.

The truth to living and working in a way that feels more aligned and alive is that it’s not about MORE energy, it’s about ascertaining, auditing, and activating your CORE (Big Deal!) energy.



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