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The tale of the missing speaker

Having spent over a decade serving meeting professionals as CEO of an event social marketing agency (PCMA’s CONVENE magazine named Erin’s team “Best Social Media” for the entire meetings industry in 2014!) Erin understands the meeting professional perspective like VERY few other keynote speakers. She has been in the CMP’s shoes: the planning calls, the budget calls, the creative calls… the BUDGET calls again… She knows firsthand the pressure of driving early registration, the importance of anticipating every fire, the high-stakes challenge of exceeding the expectations of both the executives AND the attendees- who rarely have the same objectives. Erin knows that pristine event management is part art, part science, and all hard work. 

In fact, her speaking career accidentally began one day at a massive association event of 100K attendees at the Sands Expo in Las Vegas. Erin’s agency team was live tweeting keynote speakers and posting attendee insights when suddenly, her normally calm and collected client came up to her with panic in her eyes. Her social media breakout speaker had missed her flight and she had 300 registrants who needed a session. NOW. Erin had just live tweeted Amy Cuddy’s “Presence” talk from the mainstage. So she went into the ladies room, struck her best power pose, went out into the breakout room with no slides or prep, and an hour later was asked about her speaking fee for future events by multiple brand executives in the audience. 

And the rest, as they say, is history. 

Erin and her team are focused on three objectives: overdelivering, under-requesting, and making their cherished clients look GOOD in front of the ones that matter most. And if a genuine friendship happens to develop afterwards (as it often does) well, that’s just icing on the convention cake.


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Virtual Trainings

Starting at $10,000

Filmed with multi-camera angles using Sony FS5/ Sigma lenses (aka NOT Zoom laptop camera). OBS used for real-time slide/speaker varied screen arrangements for a more “produced” feel.

*For a monthly interactive episodic series, fees start at $5,000 a month with a 6 month minimum.

A MacBook Pro displaying Erin King delivering a motivational speech on the screen in a virtual training.

Live Keynote Experience


Perfect for convention general sessions, executive leadership retreats, national sales meetings.

*$3,000 flat travel fee for U.S. domestic events plus hotel. International travel fees priced separately. 

Erin King Keynote Speaker snapshot on stage speaking at an event.

VIP Private coaching


Scale your business, master your mindset, and transform yourself into a higher-performing human. This 12-month program is for entrepreneurs who want to tap into their full market and collapse time to their highest income goals.  

*Limited spots available. Must commit to monthly coaching calls and two in-person, half-day intensive sessions. 

Erin King joyfully coaches team, actively engaging and sharing insights during the session.
Image featuring Erin King's book titled 'You're Kind of a Big Deal,' showcasing a vibrant pink cover adorned with colorful texts. A badge on the top left indicates it as Amazon's #1 bestseller. In the lower right, a smartphone display hints at the availability of the audiobook version for 'You're Kind of a Big Deal'.

Amazon Bestseller



When’s the last time you felt like a “big deal?” If you’re at a crossroads of discovering or reinventing your version of a “big” life- this book is for you. Get ready to reprogram feelings of insecurity, overwhelm, or irrelevance using three-time entrepreneur Erin King’s road tested strategies for unlocking your BIG. It’s time to engineer your energy to feel more ambitious, aligned, and ALIVE- King’s bestselling book is the ultimate, detailed, empathetic roadmap to get you there. 

Planning your next convention, leadership retreat, or national sales meeting? Preview Erin’s content by requesting up to three complimentary corporate hardcover copies sent right to your home or office. (Audiobook available as well if you prefer!)

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