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Discover the surprising science behind the success habits of

"High-Energy" Leaders


Ignite stronger performance, pursue more aligned goals, and increase your resilience in the face of challenges.  


Galvanize others with renewed vitality, ignite positive emotional contagion, and communicate the mission compellingly. 


Learn how to be more present, increase your output organically, and transmit magnetic motivation.

Energy Management

is the new time management

Historically speaking, talking about someone’s “energy” was a topic reserved for palm readers and new age retreats. But fast-forward to our new AI and automation-driven world of work, and conversations about positive human energy have evolved from a “woo-woo, nice-to-have” to a paramount workplace need-to-have. While we can no longer out-work or out-hustle our robotic competitors, we do retain one powerful edge: our human energy.

In fact, your “personal energy” is now the #1 most critical driver of professional success or failure- and Erin King can prove it. 

Her proprietary study, co-authored by a team of PhD’s-unearthed that a leader’s personal energy was perceived as more influential and impactful then their education, skillset, or connections COMBINED. This surprising scientific discovery proves that in today’s marketplace, the fastest way to raise your professional value is to raise your personal “vibe”.

The idea of managing your “energy” might sound complex. But King’s energy optimization framework breaks it all down, starting with one core truth: that YOUR personal power source is as distinct as your DNA. We all energize differently, so discovering your unique energetic source code is your first step on this transformative journey.



Erin is a bestselling author, keynote speaker, and one of the world’s leading energy management experts. SUCCESS Magazine named her one of their “Top 10 Must-See Motivational Speakers of 2023” alongside Jay Shetty and Mel Robbins.

As Chief Energy Officer of Strikepoint (which was twice named one of Inc. 5000’s ‘Fastest Growing Companies in America’), King has been hired by everyone from The Academy Awards and Disney to VISA, Adobe, and even the United States Navy to unlock what she calls their “Big Energy®”.

As the bestselling author of “You’re Kind of a Big Deal”, she has helped over one million ambitious achievers (from Bali to Amsterdam and everywhere in between!) level up how they show up online, offline, and all the time. She’s been featured in Forbes among other global publications, and her podcast consistently ranks in the top 1% of all downloads on iTunes.

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When’s the last time you felt like a “big deal?” If you’re at a crossroads of discovering or reinventing your version of a “big” life- this book is for you. Get ready to reprogram feelings of insecurity, overwhelm, or irrelevance using three-time entrepreneur Erin King’s road tested strategies for unlocking your BIG ENERGY. It’s time to engineer your energy to feel more ambitious, aligned, and ALIVE- King’s bestselling book is the ultimate, detailed, empathetic roadmap to get you there. 

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Join thousands of listeners around the world as Erin explores new definitions of happiness, health, and wealth in today’s times. You’ll walk away authorizing yourself to make Big Energy decisions, so you can engineer a more aligned existence- on your terms. Subscribe now to hear from powerhouse guests like Lewis Howes, Jay Shetty, Sophia Bush, Jairek Robbins, and dozens of others. 


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As Chief Energy Officer of Strikepoint (an Inc. 5000 award-winning marketing agency), Erin helps clients like Disney, VISA, Adobe, and more to level up how they show up online, offline, and all the time. If you’re not sure if your company or brand feels like you have “big energy” online, book your complimentary Brand Energy Audit with Erin’s talented team today.

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