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If you’re at a crossroads of discovering or reinventing your version of a “big” life, this book is for you. Get ready to reprogram feelings of insecurity, overwhelm, or irrelevance using three-time entrepreneur Erin King’s road tested strategies for unlocking your BIG. It’s time to engineer your energy to feel more ambitious, aligned, and ALIVE- King’s bestselling book is the ultimate, detailed, empathetic roadmap to get you there. 

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Image of Maria Peterson holding the book 'You're Kind of a Big Deal,' smiling with a thumbs up gesture. She provided a review praising Erin King's insights and the impact from her presentation at the BODi Summit 2023, emphasizing the book's reminder of valuable empowerment.


“We decided to have our first book club after seeing Erin King on stage at our BODi Summit 2023! She gave us insight to every day things we only think about but can’t seem to get out of our way. She put on paper what most of us need reminding of! Thank you, Erin for your insights and getting straight to the point of reminding us of our BIG ENERGY!”

Maria Peterson​

Image of iSocialFanz smiling towards the camera, wearing a cap backwards. He praised Erin King's personality and described her book as a masterpiece, recommending it for individuals seeking to make an impact.

It's Time to LEVEL UP and Erin King is the BFF to Help Us Do Just That!​

“Erin King is a BIG DEAL in real life as she is truly fun-loving, inspirational and the BFF everyone wishes they had and this book is her masterpiece! Who do I believe this book is for? Anyone who is unsure where you fit in this world, but want to make an BIG impact!”


Image of Jamie Wise wearing sunglasses, smiling warmly. Her review praises Erin King's book, 'You're Kind of a Big Deal' and expressing gratitude for Erin's impactful speech at a yearly conference, noting her simultaneous enjoyment of both the Audible and printed versions of the book.


“This is a book I didn’t know I needed! I’m listening to the Audible and reading along! I heard Erin speak at our yearly conference and she was so amazing, I can’t get enough! Thanks Erin for helping my team and I unlock our BIG ENERGY!”

Jamie Wise​