Investing in Women with Sophia Bush and Nia Batts


Episode Summary

“According to Sophia Bush, actor and entrepreneur, ‘Forty-two percent of small businesses are founded by women, but women are only accessing around 6% of lending capital.” Sophia, along with Nia Batts, who was previously one of the youngest executives at Viacom, is working to change this statistic as an angel investor.

The SUCCESS magazine cover features Sophia Bush and Nia Batts on investing in women, particularly those with less privilege and limited access to resources. They are now advisors for First Women’s Bank – the first women-founded, owned, and run bank in the US. In an interview with Erin, they discuss being underestimated, topics such as facing underestimation, reshaping the distribution of power and resources, enhancing capital efficiency, and providing insights for small business owners on how to access loans and funding.

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