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Designing a Purposeful Life with Teneshia Jackson Warner


Episode Summary

Teneshia Warner was in a rut in her career and her life. Growing up in a house where money was a sticking point, she knew her motivations made sense, but she wanted to thrive, not just survive. After a compelling question from one of her college professors, Teneshia resolved to design her life so that passion and purpose lead the way.

The results of that life re-design have been astounding. Once she discovered her passion for marketing, Teneshia founded and became CEO of EGAMI Group, an award-winning, purpose-driven multicultural marketing firm recently named one of Adweek’s top 100 fastest-growing marketing agencies serving some of today’s most successful companies. Now serving as EGAMI’s CEO, Teneshia has authored several books and has helped turn EGAMI Group into a thriving multi-million dollar business.

Tune in to hear her takeaways about the pain of leveling up and the courage needed to stretch out of your comfort zone. Teneshia emphasizes permitting yourself to dream, saying, “You must give yourself space, time, and permission to dream freely and imagine. You have to make that become a muscle.”


Follow Teneshia Warner on LinkedIn and Instagram. Check out her marketing firm EGAMI Group or her annual conference, The Dream Project Symposium. You can purchase her book The Big Stretch: 90 Days to Expand Your Dreams, Crush Your Goals, and Create Your Own Success and download worksheets at https://www.thebigstretchbook.com/ to kickstart your big stretch.

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